Bitcoin Lightning Network growth is organic, coming from real-world adoption

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network (LN) capability just recently went beyond an all-time high of 5,000 BTC. 

The Lightning Network is a neutral procedure developed on top of Bitcoin and presently it does not have a “native” token connected to it like lots of decentralized finance platforms.

Although the Lightning Network’s overall liquidity is less than 0.5% of the ETH in DeFi agreements, the uptrend in Bitcoin’s LN capability versus a sag in the quantity of ETH secured smart agreements is motivating for LN advancement.

Total ETH secured DeFi agreements (top) and overall BTC in Lightning Network channels (bottom). Source: DefiLlama

While the liquidity on the LN has actually been increasing regularly, the variety of channels on the peer-to-peer network dropped dramatically in November following the FTX collapse. It might be due to an exodus of miners running LN nodes besides running mining customers.

However, the most likely end of miner capitulation and the increase of Bitcoin-based applications like NFTs might mark an end to LN channel capitulation. Since the start of 2023, over 2,000 brand-new channels have actually been contributed to the network.

Lightning Network variety of channels. Source: glassnode

A Valkyrie Investments report specified that LN adoption was gaining ground in emerging markets like South America and Africa, mainly due to efforts of the LN mobile payment application, Strike.

In December 2022, the company introduced an LN-based remittance service in Africa. The service uses no-cost transfers from the U.S. to Africans in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya. Later, Strike revealed a comparable program in the Philippines.

LN capability and crucial sequential occasions. Source: Valkyrie

More just recently, the company announced dollar payments utilizing LN, where users can possibly send out dollars from the Strike’s money balance to cost savings and VISA-enabled accounts. The app will transform USD to BTC in the background and transform to USD at the location. Since LN is quickly and cheap, the danger due to Bitcoin’s rate volatility is very little.

The expense of worldwide payments from the U.S. can increase as high as $45 per deal, with transfers taking hours or in some cases days. Thus, users might begin choosing Strike-based payments over conventional remittance channels.

A current report from Marty Bent discovered that the LN payments have actually increased this year on the top Lightning Network wallets, Wallet of Satoshi. Moreover, a podcasting platform, Podcasting 2.0, that accepts LN payments likewise tape-recorded an uptick in suggestions sent out to developers.

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Nostr is increasing LN adoption

Another aspect affecting the adoption of LN is the launch of Nostr. According to the procedure’s Github page, Nostr is a basic, open procedure that makes it possible for international, decentralized and censorship-resistant social networks. The procedure enables social networks applications to be developed on it.

Damus, a Twitter lookalike, executes Nostr with an IOS and Android application. The concept of an open and totally free social networks network resounds the greatest in the crypto area. Bitcoin leaders like Jack Dorsey and Adam Back have actually highly backed Nostr.

Besides resemblances in ideology, Nostr can enhance LN adoption as Damus has actually incorporated numerous LN wallets like Wallet of Satoshi, Strike, BlueWallet, and others. A report from LN expert, Kevin Rooke, cited that over 600,000 users registered on Nostr. This might assist onboard users to LN as Nostr naturally supports the Bitcoin payment network through Nostr Zap.

The Lightning Network is a neutral procedure developed on top of Bitcoin, without any token connected to it, preventing speculation. There is a capacity for yield for LN nodes as charges for assisting in deals and supplying liquidity. However, in the existing state, the revenues are minimal. Hence, the Lightning Network’s growth appears organic and well-positioned to end up being the leading international payment network, which popular characters in this area have predicted.