Bitcoin network fortifies as mining difficulty records ATH of 31.251T

Further distancing itself from any issues of prepared attacks on the blockchain, the Bitcoin (BTC) network developed a brand-new mining difficulty all-time high of 31.251 trillion — going beyond the 30-trillion mark for the very first time in history.

The developer of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, necessitated the security of the BTC network through a decentralized network of BTC miners who are entrusted with verifying the authenticity of deals and minting brand-new blocks.

Given the substantial community assistance — from designers to hodlers to traders to miners — that covers over 13 years, the BTC network was witness to a historical 10-month-long rally as it attained mining difficulty of 31.251 trillion.

Bitcoin network difficulty. Source:

Mining difficulty safeguards the BTC environment versus network attacks such as double-spending, where bad stars attempt to reverse validated deals over the BTC blockchain. Greater mining difficulty needs greater computational power from miners to verify deals over the BTC network.

As an outcome, BTC’s newest network difficulty ATH makes it almost difficult for bad stars to represent over 50% of the hash rate. According to, the BTC network needs 220.436 million terahashes/second (TH/s) at the time of writing.

Bitcoin overall hash rate. Source:

Despite the crypto community’s issues associated to the continuous targeted attacks and an active bearish market, BTC continues to place itself as the most durable blockchain network. 

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