That Tungsten Company is Auctioning Its Largest-Ever Cube as an NFT

An essential producer feeding crypto’s twitter’s tungsten trend is auctioning off an NFT connected to the biggest tungsten cube it’s ever made.

The NFT’s title states everything: “The Tungsten Cube – 14 inch, ~1,784 lb cube held in Willowbrook, Illinois, USA by Midwest Tungsten Service.” Bidding on OpenSea starts Friday, e-commerce director Sean Murray informed coindesk.

According to the description on OpenSea, the NFT grants its holder once-a-year checking out rights for the super-dense cube.

The NFT is the most recent twist in a week-long meme legend that turned a drowsy metals producer into crypto twitter’s not likely star…. And all since of super-dense cubes

Traders and reporters and tweeters and moonbois have actually all been getting these desk tchotchkes for numerous dollars or more. (Full disclosure: this press reporter has his own Midwest 1-incher. It’s remarkably thick!)

Keeping the 14-inch cube at Midwest Tungsten HQ may be out of requirement.

Murray formerly informed CoinDesk that Midwest Tungsten was thinking about producing a very heavy cube however wasn’t sure how to get transport rectified.

He’d likewise testified keep Midwest Tungsten concentrated on the metals and not NFTs. But a week of rising sales altered the calculus.

“I wanted to let you know first that we’re going to try an NFT. Swerving out of our lane, I guess. The crypto twitter community’s enthusiasm for cryptocurrency and NFTs is contagious.”

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