Top crypto summer vacation destinations in 2021

Even though the continuous coronavirus pandemic has yet to completely decline, an increasing variety of nations are starting to open their borders to travelers as soon as again. Furthermore, with massive vaccination drives occurring all over the world, it looks like however by the time summer rolls around once again, it will end up being possible for numerous people to take a trip to specific vacation destinations as soon as again.

In reality, according to the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, American travelers will have the ability to visit their preferred European Union nations throughout summer 2021, considered that they have the ability to satisfy the EU’s vaccination requirements.

In this regard, it needs to be mentioned that according to a tracker offered by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 35% of all American residents have actually currently been completely immunized, while 46% have actually gotten a minimum of one shot.

Lastly, these vaccination numbers appear to be growing at a quick rate, therefore meaning the possibility that by the start of June, a huge bulk of the U.S. population — that includes numerous cryptocurrency lovers — will have the ability to take a trip abroad.

It’s time to load your bags

Though the in 2015 and a half have actually been rather a rough trip for basically everybody throughout the world, there is no rejecting that the crypto market has actually just recently been on the getting end of some remarkably bullish market action, specifically throughout the last 6 to twelve months.

To put things into point of view, because the start of 2021 alone, the overall market capitalization of the digital property sector has actually increased from around $780 billion to $2.4 trillion, displaying outrageous development of over 200%. As an outcome, numerous crypto financiers have actually seen their portfolios increase manyfold, providing access to extra capital that they can utilize to take a much-deserved break.

So, here is a summary of a few of the top destinations that crypto HODLers can check out to relax. The list takes into consideration elements such as the ease of visa procuration, web ease of access and low COVID-19 infection rates.

The Bahamas

The stunning island country of the Bahamas has actually been a go-to vacation location for numerous Americans and Canadians for years now, thanks in big part to its distance to the Americas. In reality, around 92% of all travelers going to the West Indian country are from either North or South America.

As things stand, the Bahamas has a fairly low variety of active COVID-19 cases. Furthermore, since the nation currently possesses an infrastructural structure that is custom-made for Westerners — i.e., high-speed web and premium living locations — the Bahamas stands to be the ideal vacation for numerous travelers this summer.

To get in, American passport holders can pass up screening — a requirement that applies for other visitors — if they have the ability to offer genuine evidence of vaccination. That stated, prior to flying, they are needed to submit a basic “Travel Health Visa” application that can be processed online.

Lastly, for crypto lovers, it needs to be mentioned that the Bahamas was among the very first nations in the world to present its extremely own reserve bank digital currency, the Sand Dollar. In reality, it is the world’s very first CBDC to exceed a pilot stage and attain a main launch. Moreover, regulators will be actively pressing to increase adoption of the CBDC this summer, so crypto individuals taking a trip there might witness a historical occasion unfolding right prior to their eyes.


Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is another island country that draws in countless travelers each year. One of the primary factors that crowds of visitors flock to the nation is its extraordinary weather condition, with both the summer and winter season staying slightly warm and dry when compared to other parts of Europe.

Cyprus’ position towards the crypto sector is rather friendly, regardless of the federal government just recently alerting its residents versus investing in Bitcoin (BTC). It is possible to transform numerous cryptocurrencies into regional fiat through a variety of exchanges that run in the nation, such as BitPanda and eToro, making it a perfect vacation for HODLers.

To get in, tourists merely require to share their vaccination files with the Cypriot federal government through its “Flight Pass” tool. That being stated, it needs to be mentioned that according to the Cypriot federal government’s current standards, even immunized tourists might be asked to take random tests throughout their stay.


The southeastern European country of Greece is among the most popular traveler destinations in the world, bring in countless individuals to its numerous islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian Seas.

This is, in big part, due to the nation boasting of a few of the most beautiful beaches in Europe — like the black sand beaches of Santorini — along with a few of the most elite celebration resorts in the world, which are located mostly in and around Mykonos.

Furthermore, because it is possible to buy/sell/convert a broad variety of cryptocurrencies in Greece utilizing recognized platforms such as Coinbase and eToro, crypto holders have much more rewards to visit the nation.

In regards to taking a trip to the European country, Greece has actually begun opening its doors to American visitors who have actually gotten their advised COVID-19 vaccine shots. However, it needs to be pointed out that in order to perfectly get in the nation, the 2nd shot needs to have been administered a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the journey. Travelers from all other countries are needed to produce a COVID-19 unfavorable test result upon arrival.


Though numerous in the West might not recognize with Georgia, as the country is securely wedged in between Europe and Asia, the nation possesses an extremely stunning landscape and manages its tourists a high degree of security. In reality, Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital, is regularly mentioned as one of the most safe cities in the world.

For crypto lovers in specific, Georgia is an exceptional travel location, as it supplies digital-asset owners with smooth access to numerous crypto-fiat entrances. In addition, people in Georgia are exempt from earnings tax on any revenues gotten from the sale of cryptocurrencies. Not just that, however any crypto-to-fiat deals are exempt to value-added tax (BARREL). This consists of the lari, Georgia’s fiat currency.

To get in, tourists are needed to provide their COVID-19 vaccination records. Furthermore, U.S. locals who are not immunized are likewise permitted to get in, supplied they have actually just taken a trip through specific countries and are bring an unfavorable test result with them.


The small country of Grenada is located in the Caribbean and is the southernmost island in the Antilles island chain. It uses unsoiled beautiful landscapes and supplies travelers with access to all of the features that they might be searching for in their perfect vacation location.

The regional crypto market is uncontrolled at the minute, and crypto lovers can utilize numerous popular exchanges such as Binance, CEX.IO and Coinmama to perfectly change in between numerous cryptocurrencies and the Eastern Caribbean dollar — the nationwide currency of Grenada — making shopping and payments a breeze.

Currently, the Grenadian federal government is enabling all immunized Americans to enter its borders. However, upon arrival, all entrants — even those who have actually been immunized — need to quarantine for 2 days while authorities carry out a COVID-19 test.