US Constitution For Sale? ConstitutionDAO Makes Bold Moves

Last week a broken-down group of crypto financiers attempted (and stopped working) to purchase the U.S. Constitution. This week on “Opinionated,” Ben, Anna and Danny discuss why. Recorded one day prior to the auction, today’s episode checks out the hard concerns decentralized self-governing companies (DAO) face in the wake of ConstitutionDAO.

For beginners, how should DAOs arrange themselves? Should it be one wallet, one vote or should bigger factors get a larger share of the pie? Most jobs follow the latter, however ConstitutionDAO’s distinct concentrate on an essential file in the history of democracy requires the concern, Danny believes.

This might show to be an inflection point for DAOs as an entire, no matter the result. Media attention is widespread, brand-new wallets are signing up with the motion. It might not have actually exercised for ConstitutionDAO however, as the gang explains, this kind of flash crowdfunding is only simply getting going.

This episode was produced, revealed and modified by Michele Musso. Our signature tune is by Elision.

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