What is Urban Dictionary and why it is trending today?

Masses are flocking on to urban dictionary to search their names and the results will shock you…

What is Urban Dictionary and why it is trending today?

What is an urban dictionary:

Urban Dictionary is an online directory of an alternative definition of regular words, names and phrases using slang words. This platform was founded by Aaron Peckham in 1999.

As of yesterday, the google searches for Urban Dictionary were exploding and after some digging, it is evident that people are flocking to Urban Dictionary to search their names.

You can try to search your name and be amazed by the meaning or definition that the urban dictionary shows you. Here is the official site: https://www.urbandictionary.com/

I would advise that you don’t do the search at work because some of the results you may get are not suitable for the workplace.


Example results:

A quick search on the urban dictionary for “bridge of chills”
– “The male anatomical area running from the anus to the bottom of the ball sack and which is sensitive to oral stimulation
– my favourite ho’s tongue crosses my bridge of chills every time we meet up.”

A search for “Donald Trump”
– “The orangest man you’ll ever meet
– Donald Trump is a orange”

Urban Dictionary’s word definitions are crowdsourced and should not be viewed seriously. They are meant to be funny, satirical, and even provocative.
Join the trend, find something funny to search for the definition and have your mind blown.

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