YouTuber CryptoWendyO shares how her healthcare skills helped with crypto trading

CryptoWendyO found out about Bitcoin (BTC) on the radio and chose to take a threat. Little did she understand, the danger she would take would alter her life in methods she never ever believed possible. The influencer shared her Bitcoin journey in this episode of Crypto Stories.

In her more youthful days, life wasn’t too kind to Wendy. According to the crypto influencer, she made it through numerous obstacles, consisting of psychological health concerns, the death of her dad when she was 11 years of ages, and maturing in hardship. For a long while, she believed that she would never ever have the ability to alter her life.

However, things altered when Wendy understood that the world around her didn’t appreciate her and the only method forward was to alter her life herself. Then, she satisfied Bitcoin. She discussed that:

“I kept hearing about Bitcoin on radio. So, I decided to go ahead and take a plunge and invest, be a little bit risky. And that was kind of a really cool thing to do because I never thought in a million years that I was smart enough to teach myself to do anything.”

She likewise shared that her experience operating in healthcare added to her success in crypto trading. According to Wendy, her healthcare task required her to find out to determine dosages and interact with several individuals. She had the ability to use these skills to crypto trading.

Wendy thinks that these experiences helped her end up being a “decent trader” and online material developer. With these, she had the ability to produce a community of similar people who had an interest in going through the exact same life-altering journey that she went through

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She continued to motivate individuals to take more threats and think in themselves. “One of the things that I realized is people who are wealthy, or people who are successful entrepreneurs, they take chances,” she stated